How Density Shifts in Parallel Universes

Try thinking of a color that’s not made up from any existing primary colors. Think, in other words, of a color that you haven’t seen in this world.

We’re pretty certain you couldn’t think of a new color even if you tried. No one can, who has not experienced or remembered journeys into parallel and higher realities because humans have learned and can perceive only that which they directly know to exist on Earth. In order to imagine something so fundamentally alien requires much tweaking of the senses and subconscious negative mind influences to open the creative imagination to all possibilities.

Sadly for humans on Earth (for now), many are held back and are imprisoned in our own world, and under most circumstances cannot think of things largely beyond our grasp. There are few of us who do venture out seeking the truth and that do uncover it in no uncertain terms.

Understanding Parallel Universes

Understanding parallel universes are similarly difficult because we’re required to explain dimensions we’ve never seen or experienced—dimensions that are difficult for many to even hypothesize, conceptualize or imagine.

However, let’s talk dimensions. At its simplest, and according to most non-classified scientists, there are 5 dimensions which rule the universe: three linear axes known as the x-frame, the y-frame, and the z-frame; time (as explained by Albert Einstein), and the vibration rates of various frequencies.

Since we are 3-dimensional beings, our frame of reference and our perception is also 3-dimensional. Most of us living on Earth, for now, cannot fathom a 4-dimensional space, any less than a 2-dimensional being can fathom a 3-dimensional structure. In order to better understand how parallel universes work, we’ll need to establish a frame of reference that’s distinct from how we’re used to perceiving the world.

Setting Up New Frames

Think of a box—a regular, 3-dimensional box, with the 3 axes and finite distances. In this box are all the elements as we know them: matter, time, and energy. Time moves forward, as it does for us. There are, however, vibrating frequencies scattered and superimposed on all the matter and energy inside this box.

This would be very much like us understanding and seeing solids but not liquids and gases. There are levels to this dimension like there are levels of matter.

The universe contains various different levels of matter and energy (think solid, liquid, gas, plasma) and all these levels exist at a number of different vibration rates or frequencies ad infinitum. And although this matter and energy occupies the same space in the universe, the rates of vibration or frequencies that contain them are various and independent from each other.

Thus, the hypothetical box that we spoke of above would exist in the same space but with different levels of matter, energy, time, etc. at the same time, all of which would be independent of each other.

This is exactly how parallel dimensions exist.

Levels of Density

People who’ve seen The Matrix (or any sci-fi movie for that matter), must have noticed many characters walking through solid spaces, as if unaffected by them. The popular explanation for this is mass-energy conversion. However, it’s not mass being converted into energy and vice versa, but mass passing through the different levels of densities via a changed molecular vibration rate or frequency.

We exist in the 3rd level, and if matter was to move from the 3rd to the 4th level of density, their basic particles would separate and light would pass through. Similarly, 4th dimensional and 5th dimensional beings would not be a hurdle in the path of light or other matter—in the 5th dimension, matter could pass through matter, just like they show in the movies.

When atoms—that are vibrating at multiple frequencies within the same space—collide, they don’t really mix or meet each other. They simply slide or glide through each other—which explains why so many people who’ve had strange encounters of the third kind report entities walking right through them.

Want to Know More About Parallel Dimensions Via Your Own  Direct Experiences?

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