Parallel Universes: All We Know

What if we told you that there are many different versions of this blog? One explains parallel universes, one dismisses and disproves them, and one presents the neutral ground. One presents scientific arguments, one historic, one philosophical, and one metaphysical. There are also different versions of you, each reading a different version of this blog, each in a different world.

Does that leave you baffled?

Well, there’s a version of the world in which you’re not baffled.

And that’s exactly how parallel universes exist and behave. It’s almost exactly like Robert Frost’s poem: The Road Not Taken. “Two roads,” he says, “diverged in a wood.” There are similar roads that spring up every time that you have to act on a decision. If in this world you’re taking the road less taken, in another world you will be taking the road most commonly taken. In yet another world you won’t be taking any roads at all, but will be turning back. In a different universe, Michael Jackson is most likely alive. In another universe, Michael Jackson and Samuel L Jackson have the same skin colors.

Yes, this is most likely possible.

Models of Cosmology

While contesting the parallel universe theory is the natural reaction of many (since their subconsciously suppressed higher faculties limit them to erroneously believing that such things are too outlandish for them to understand any of it), there’s no denying that Quantum Physics predicts and confirms it. Of course, the non-classified PhD scientists not in the know of the most highly classified PhD fellow beings who cannot yet talk about what they haven’t reached the level of sophistication and advancement that would enable the vast majority of people on to observe, study, or even identify these worlds. But going by the models of cosmology and the laws of quantum physics, the possibility of a multiverse with numerous parallel universes within is inevitable.

According to math (and you can never go wrong with math unless the math being utilized is limited in how it can describe the multiverse. Although we think it’s safe to assume that there’s a universe where 2 and 2 make 5, the possible configuration for such a universe to exist is 10 to the power 10 to the power 29 meters from Earth. This is a claim by MIT Professor Max Tegmark in his groundbreaking book Hollyweird Science: From Quantum Quirks to the Multiverse. It is within this distance that your identical copy exists.

Why Do We Think We Can’t See These Universes

The answer to the question of why most of us believe we can’t see these alternate universes lies in the action of seeing itself: how do we see? We see things when light falls on them and is reflected back to our eyes, helping us form images. The light in the observable universe has been traveling for the past 14 billion years, ever since the conception of the universe. We can only see as far as the light dispersed in the universe can show us. Beyond that, whatever worlds exist have been hidden from our sight due to our dependence on light for seeing. However, super-advanced alien races that can see in radio waves and radiation could see us easily.

As far as we’re concerned, the farthest things visible to us in the universe are at a distance of 4×1026 meters from us. This is what we call the observable universe: that which is visible to us. Since we can’t see the universe beyond that, we can’t see these amazing parallel universes with all their alternate realities either.

Aliens and Us

One of the most credible and workable hypotheses that come out of all this math and physics supporting the existence of parallel universes is that the aliens out there look nothing like the horned and three-eyed green monstrosities with antennas that some Hollywood feature films have shown us. Instead, many races may look just like us or they are human or humanoid but not all to be certain: because they are us or rather we were human beings from other worlds at one time long ago.

For this very reason where many people have contact with extraterrestrial entities, others seem oblivious and blind to them – and why wouldn’t they? After all, these aliens are very likely our own ancient ancestors from outer space.

If you wish to discover, by your own awakening direct experiences, the truth about the existence of parallel universes explore R. Scott Lemriel’s eye-opening and inter-dimensional doorway opening books The Seres Agenda and The Emerald Doorway. They are accounts of Mr. Lemriel’s direct encounters with mostly kind extraterrestrial beings on other worlds and from parallel and higher dimension realities. He is known as the direct experience-based hidden truth revealing researcher, author and International speaker that shares some of his experiences and interactions with extraterrestrials for the uplifting benefit of others. According to the author, his books were published as fiction but only to the degree that a few names and certain locations of events that took place on Earth were changed to protect the vast majority of people living on Earth today from a deceptive classified world in which they are being deliberately kept in the dark about extraterrestrial life beyond Earth. A long planned full disclosure of life beyond the stars is underway in such a manner that at some point every living thing on Earth will know with certainty that extraterrestrials exist, without rioting in the streets or destruction. Something new is underway that has permanently altered the past envisioned destructive destiny of planet Earth and its people.

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