PARALLEL TIME – The Short Movie

(Screenplay Synopsis)

     An unsuspecting man relaxing on a secluded beach in Malibu, California, sees a glint of light flash across his sunglasses. He lifts his glasses and looks up to see a very unusual highly polished square wooden box wash ashore atop a gentle crashing wave. The man walks over, cautiously picks up the box, and then discovers it is horizontally sealed around its circumference with a gold metal band. Centered in a triangular pattern on its flat top surface are three flush-mounted, faceted blue gems. The man soon uncovers the secret to open the mysterious device, and accidentally triggers one of the lit control crystals inside to transport him terrified into a hidden parallel dimension on Earth.

     The panoramic view on the other side spread before the man’s stunned face is a beautiful breathtaking ancient tropical reality. A moment later, he is met by a most unique endearing key character, named Etta, from The Parallel Time Trilogy story. Etta flies up to him and politely introduces himself in flawless English. Then he promptly darts away, leaving the man in a state of astonished wonder, standing on the glittering fine black sands of a half-moon shaped shoreline spread in a graceful curve before a deep-turquoise blue ocean.

 The man then begins to behold more phenomenal story elements from The Parallel Time Trilogy written books and screenplays.

     What happens in this short feature film, that is designed to be made with state-of-the-art special effects, its own full-orchestral music score, and that introduces Etta will astound you. Film projects – short and full length feature films and documentaries – are in development. Please periodically check back to this page for the announcement of the production schedule for this short feature film.


By: R. S. Lemriel
© TXu 62 748
© PAu 835 230
(Library of Congress)

     This short feature film story, derived from certain aspect of The Parallel Time Trilogy episodic journey, is entirely based upon the author’s direct explorations of the suppressed past time track. During many such journeys, the hidden truth about a significant aspect of most ancient Earth and solar system history was revealed. The Emerald Doorway (published book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy written books) and the written screenplay trilogy entirely based on the author’s direct experiences, are being developed for future feature film production and theatrical release.

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