Hugh Everett’s Many Worlds

Hugh Everett drank, and he knew things. Back in 1954, when he was still a student at Princeton, he had been making merry drinking sherry with a couple of colleagues. In his alcoholic fervor, Everett had an epiphany: that the universe is in a state of constant splitting; and that this is being caused by quantum effects. Perhaps there really could have been no other way to come up with an idea such as this if not under the effect of alcohol.

Smartly, Everett chose to work on his high ideas for his thesis and did a PhD on the same. The idea was simple enough to understand: that the universe isn’t singular; that it isn’t alone; and that it isn’t unique. In fact, he contested, that there are many universes, that they’re all floating at small distances from each other, and that they’re all copies of each other.

According to Max Erik Tegmark, Professor of Physics at MIT, the importance of Everett’s work is equal to that of Einstein’s—and when MIT Professors are on the same page as a drunk who proposed the many worlds theory, hidden truth researchers know that we’ve been on to the right thing for a long time now.

The Discouragement and Lambasting

Hugh Everett was never quite as popular as Hugh Jackman. Similar to how Einstein had first faced the ire of the then leading scientists—Philip Lenard in particular—Hugh Everett had to face a severe backlash from the scientific community at the time. Even the father of Quantum Mechanics, Neil Bohr himself, was enraged and (according to reports) despised the popularity of the theory.   

Everett, faced with such discouragement and disparagement, abandoned Physics, joined the Pentagon and became involved with computing and industrial mathematics. What’s interesting to note here is that he worked for the US Government, particularly on the case of a nuclear war. He went from being a quantum theorist of the iconoclastic kind to becoming a defense contractor, with his hands in various military assets of the most sensitive kind. The man found refuge in heavy drinking and died when only 51, never seeing how positively the world reacted to his theories only a few years later.

The Problem

Everett studied and investigated the same problem in Quantum Mechanics that was the core issue in the Copenhagen Interpretation: relating to the superposition of two particles that exist as wave functions with respect to quantum mechanics. The classical particles become mathematical wave functions in quantum physics and do away with the discontinuity requirement for the collapse—which went against the preaching of Bohr and Heisenberg.

In simpler words, this was the problem: wave functions can combine just as normal waves can, the only difference being they represent alternative-state particles. Like ordinary waves, they have peaks, and it’s the altitude of the peaks that determines the position of measurement of alternatives.

However, when measuring with an apparatus, they don’t combine like ordinary waves in one superposition. Instead, they appear at a random position, which is not a combination of the two wave functions. There’s no superposition and the particle doesn’t similarly exist in one. Think of it as two baseballs colliding: they don’t combine, and they don’t both end up in one superposition.

Hugh Everett’s Solution

Everett hypothesized and calculated through measurements in the quantum system, that the end result would, after all, be a superposition. But this superposition would be a sum of both the alternative possibilities: separate and branching out. Think of it in this manner: Thus, both possibilities and outcomes are possible and exist, at least according to Quantum Physics.

The Many Worlds Theory

It was this finding that led Everett to propose the same thing that Einstein had proposed: that every decision we take by choosing one and discounting the other, all outcomes play out in different universes. This means, at the macro scale, that if Donald Trump is President of America in this universe, there are universes where Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are the Presidents of America.

We aren’t aware of these super-positions and alternate realities because we are confined to our own universe and our own realities. And until some higher dimensional being open the door for us to see into a different universe, many will still continue to discount Everett’s revolutionary theory.

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