Aliens Aren’t Just out There: They’re in Here

Humans have been stargazing since the most ancient time on Earth in ways that are not known in what we are taught as history today. Even before we could understand a word of language and back when we were living the primitive lives of a hunter-gatherer society, we must have looked up to the skies and wondered: what are those glittering lights up in the sky? Yet, even this kind of very limiting thinking incorrectly presupposes that Earth human beings originally evolved on this planet.

As time passed, people like Nicolaus Copernicus and Giordano Bruno came along. They would jot down the position of stars and observe how these glowing orbs in the sky changed place. They would calculate and speculate. They would go out and reveal their findings, discoveries, and hypotheses to the people—and they would face persecution, lambasting, and isolation. Then Galileo came along, following in the footsteps of Bruno and Copernicus. He knew more, had greater insight into things, and questioned more. Therefor,  he too discovered more things in the skies. When he tried to let the whole world know his fellow human beings banished him.

We’ve come a long way from those past times. We now know that Galileo was right, that there are other worlds out there, and that there are vast numbers of planets far beyond Earth that hold life. Many of us become obsessed with the possibility of other discovering for the first time worlds that have advanced life beyond our own, desiring to know about those worlds by looking for life that come from those worlds any way we can—but what if we have been searching in the wrong places?

Our Vision is Limiting

The reason we think that alien life only exists in outer space is that we tend to see extraterrestrials through the same lens as we see ourselves. We assume that they must dwell in their own habitats, on their own planets, busy in their own day jobs. We assume that they can’t look like us. We just go ahead and assume that they’re extraterrestrials—but what if they’re terrestrial? Just terrestrial?

Beings from parallel and higher dimensional realities also reside in levels on and around our planet that are unknown to the vast majority of people living here today. If we assume human beings originally evolved on Earth in the first place (just theory) then we are limiting ourselves to not knowing where the body forms we now utilize were originally developed. Of course, if we are at all rational and unfettered by subconscious negative misdirecting emotional influences this is all just theoretical speculation, at least until real direct experience crosses our path in life.

Dark Matter

At the moment our non-classified PHD scientists, scholars, and the observatories and instruments they are allowed to utilize busy themselves looking for aliens through gamma rays bursts, probes, and radio signals. While it’s only natural that they gaze out there watching for signs, it’s important to acknowledge that we’re ignoring something that’s far more promising—something closer to home: Dark Matter.

It is now known among the non-classified Earth scientists that what people on Earth refer to as ‘Dark Matter’ is everywhere in the universe. The dark patches of space in photos and impressions of the universe, where no planets, no asteroids, and no astronomical bodies float is full of dark matter.  The previously so-called deep ‘Voids’ of space are not empty, contrary to what was once thought.  They are, in fact, full of dark matter, and this mysterious form of what is referred to as matter is actual a much higher vibratory form of energy that doesn’t interact with either matter or the types of energy most people on Earth yet understand.

One of the things that non-classified scientists on Earth know we human beings and dark matter interact with is gravity—and it’s widely speculated that understanding how dark matter works would lead to understanding how we can control gravity. Controlling gravity would be a one-way ticket to becoming a super-civilization, also known as a Type-3 civilization.

But Wait, Back to Earth

Dark matter is not visible to the limited frequencies of light that human eyes can see or detect. To us, it looks like empty space and stark darkness. While we can observe planets and other astronomical bodies in most parts of the universe that are visible to us and within our observable range, we are unable to see anything when we look at dark matter. It doesn’t look like anything to us. This does not in any way, however, mean it doesn’t exist or contain huge secrets to understanding the true nature of the multiverse. . .

Or Secret Beings . . .

There’s a good chance that dark matter—that engulfs about 95% of the universe—hides planets and alien colonies from our vision. This form of matter could penetrate through us, and we wouldn’t know it—unless we had advanced non-terrestrial devices that would help us identify and measure what it is and why it is there.

Very advanced interstellar space traveling races have been at the adventure of exploring the multi-dimensional creation for a time that stretches back beyond the current understanding of people on Earth. Dark matter is not an unintentional veil to keep us in the dark – pardon the pun – so that most people on Earth will never see through it.

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