There’s Good Chance that Egypt’s Pharaohs were Actually Aliens

The Pharaohs are some of history’s most intriguing personalities. They had strange customs, gigantic resting places, and pointedly different bodies. Their heads were elongated and they’re depicted in paintings and sarcophagi with elaborate headsets on.

People seem largely content in acknowledging that the Pharaohs were strange, but not many wonder if they were something more than people. After all, what humans could have built such massive structures without the aid of sophisticated equipment?

The Pyramids—Giant Compasses?

Everyone knows what the giant stone structures in Egypt look like, and that they’re meant to be the final resting place for Pharaohs. However, the ancient Egyptians didn’t really believe that these were just resting places: they believed that it was in these edifices that the Pharaohs would finally ‘transcend’ and move to ‘another world.’

There’s more that’s going to shock you when it comes to the Great Pyramids: they were all built facing the magnetic North Pole of the Earth. Would such a feat as this have been possible for humans—especially ancient humans? They didn’t even have a compass to guide them!

But an advanced civilization that did and could view the Nile from the sky could definitely do it. And it’s easy to see why they would: to be able to navigate their spacecraft from the sky, without having to land.

The Pharaohs’ Skulls

Of course, we don’t have any actual photos of the Pharaohs and what we imagine them to be is largely in diluted form, extracted from popular culture depictions. Since film and TV have taught us that the Egyptians wore elaborate head-wear, many people believe this and choose to research it no further.

However, when one looks beyond the veil of mouth-fed propaganda, one realizes that these Pharaohs could have just been shaped like that. At any rate, even if they wore headgear, their skulls were abnormally large and elongated.

Unusually large heads mean unusually (for humans) large brains. And we know for a fact that Egyptian subjects had relatively normal-sized brains and heads. It could only have been an alien civilization whose advanced technology and superior intellect made them appear like gods to the people of that time. It was also through this channel that the humans of that time learned how to build large, unbelievable structures.

About the Structures. . .

The pyramids aren’t alone in being mysterious and bizarre constructions that were passed down by the ancients. There’s the Nazca line and the Maoi: the Easter Island stone figures and the Stonehenge, which all defy common sense: could an ancient race of humans, who hadn’t yet learned much about science or engineering, have constructed them?

They had nothing except for rope and some basic geometry. And yet we are taught in schools on Earth that they managed to erect massive, heavy stones upright. They managed to build colossal pyramids exactly in alignment with the Nile Delta’s on either side, extending two diagonal lines towards them. They managed to make the Nazca lines, which when seen from the sky, make out remarkably alien-like shapes.

What’s similar in all of these structures is that they can all be seen from the sky and that they have some significance when it comes to geography. In short, they’re tools to make navigation easier.

The Old Gods

The Pharaohs and the Egyptian gods share similar traits and were clearly otherworldly for the people of that time. They didn’t just worship these people, they buried them in great tombs no human could have built in that time.

There’s a good chance that these Pharaohs and the concurrent gods were all aliens who came visiting from outer space. They built the remarkable structures to be able to navigate better and they were accepted by the masses as godlike – given their far more advanced nature and knowledge.


One final entry on this blog is about Egyptian hieroglyphics, which have yet to be unearthed—pun intended. They continue to be mysterious and coded. We humans have conquered cave paintings and have succeeded in understanding them but hieroglyphics? It seems like we have a long way to go before we can make them out with certainty of understanding.

Additionally, many hieroglyphics contain symbols and drawings which do not resemble anything ancient humans might have known: that is, orbs and oblong disc-shaped apertures. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what they were drawing.

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