Aliens Have Visited the Earth Many Times—Here’s Proof

Let’s talk about genetic engineering; a recently developed technology and technique which is still being played with in our primitive human science labs. Among its greatest achievements has been mutating a lion and a tiger together to create a new breed of cat: the liger.

Humans have a long way to go in uncovering the true potential of genetic engineering. We dream of cloning and of creating the ultimate species, but so far, our achievements have been meek. However, knowing this doesn’t make genetic engineering any less interesting—it only makes the science more relevant.

What Paul Davies has to Say

He chairs the SETI Post Detection Task Group. He’s a cosmologist, astrobiologist, theoretical physicist, and has interest in astrophysics and quantum physics. He’s also the first person the White House will contact if an alien was found lounging on the White House lawns. He is the ultimate classified alien expert, who probably knows more than he lets on. But when asked about alien contact, he had something very interesting to say.

According to Davies, it’s not the planet’s radio astronomers who’ll find a message that has been beamed into outer space by extraterrestrials. It’ll be someone who has ‘no interest in SETI,’ and someone who won’t understand what they’re seeing for quite some time. Davies also said that people who’ll hear about the phenomena will refute and denounce it until they’re forced to look it in the face.

Funny he should say that.

He also said—more like hinted at—the possibility that some giant revealing truth lies hidden in the ‘vast amounts’ of data they have on the planet: the astronomical, climactic, particle physics, and other data. He basically hinted at the evidence of alien contact being present on Earth. This evidence, according to him, wouldn’t look like anything ever made by humans or anything that is natural to Earth’s stratosphere. Thus, this evidence will naturally have come from someplace else—but that’s all he would say about it.

He did say one final thing about alien technology, though. He said that aliens who visited the Earth millions of years ago wouldn’t have left many traces on the planet. Things disintegrate in that amount of time. But some, like nuclear waste, do not.

And this is where the big clue lies: like nuclear waste, the one thing which would live on through the test of time would be genes. It’s in biotechnology that one of the biggest answers lies waiting to be discovered.

And While the Radio Astronomers Continue Their Search . . .

Some thousands of years before radio astronomers searched for beamed signals in outer space, extraterrestrials did come our way. The human genome is traced back to 780,000 years and at that time, humans weren’t what we know them to be today: according to what is only theory, we were mostly Neanderthals and Cro-magnons at that time – at least that’s what non-classified, theoretical academia will tell you. There is no direct evidence that proves human beings as we are today had any connection to either Cro-Magnons or Neanderthal humanoid or human-like physical beings.

How did apes go from being discount giant chimpanzees to the marvel that we are today? After all, it’s been established since Darwin’s time that humans have evolved from apes, but how exactly that evolution took place is a fact that can never be explained for sure.  Yup, you guessed it. That is all theory, theory, and nothing but theory. You might as well believe the moon is made out of Swiss cheese.

What’s even more interesting is the question of the ‘missing link’ – the theorized link between humans of today and the apes of yesterday. Evolution doesn’t happen as quickly and as drastically as it did on our planet. The ‘missing link’ is just that – missing – because it is not there and it will never be found on planet Earth, according to direct experience-based hidden truth revealing researcher and author R. Scott Lemriel

All of these missing pieces of the puzzle lead back to the macrocosm of genetic tinkering. Someone was here 780,000 years ago, when we changed from primitive to wise. However, what this type of limited thinking leave out is the hidden truth that all human beings, most mammalian, plant and animal life were brought to this planet at one time or another dated back 65 million years after the dinosaurs were made extinct.  Some people believe (and this is only belief) that advanced technology and sophisticated beings brought tools to Earth and tinkered with the genetic makeup of primitive humanoid beings living on the planet at the time. This, they assume, caused evolution to become galvanized in a new process. The DNA, as a result, modified suddenly and the human brain developed to become the machine that it is today. According to R. Scott Lemriel, no human being ever evolved on planet Earth in its ancient past in the first place. Tinkering with genetics is not new out among billions upon billions of galaxies on world systems beyond count and beyond the count of years.

In short, we were looking for unnatural phenomena at the beginning of this blog. We went looking for phenomena that was not man-made and we found them: human beings themselves are unnaturally occurring phenomena, capable of existing and thinking courtesy of benevolent friends from outer space.

Explore the Truth

R Scott Lemriel is known worldwide as the direct experience-based hidden truth revealing researcher with many decades of experience exploring parallel and higher dimension realities, contacts with mostly kind but very advanced extraterrestrials, countless out-of-body journeys along the past time track of our Milky Way Galaxy and the suppressed or hidden true history of Earth and our solar system. He speaks at various conferences and has written multiple hidden truth revealing books that are designed to assist others to begin to recover what was taken from them without their consent or current awareness before they found themselves on Earth with little or no former memory intact. . His dedicated focus is to unveil the deliberately hidden or suppressed truth for the uplifting benefit of fellow human beings. His discoveries are revealed in plane sight for all to see, and unlike the shady systems that control narratives or information on Earth today, he hides nothing. Find the full truth about humanity’s off-world origins and the Earth’s unknown enlightening far more ancient history  in his consciousness door-opening books. You can obtain your copies of The Seres Agenda and The Emerald Doorway (book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy) today.

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