The Mysterious Mayans and Ancient Aliens

Few people knew about the Mayans and their insight into the future before speculations about the year 2012 came to light. Apparently there was some bizarre Mayan Calendar which early christian-based archaeologists incorrectly interpreted from what the Mayan shamans actual told them – they actually forced their biased limited thinking or beliefs or distortions of the actual truth that was completely contrary to what the actual Mayan shamans were telling them. They quite incorrectly thought the end of this Mayan calendar meant or predicted the end of the world because this was long past prophesied predictions in their teachings that has nothing to do with the Mayan calendar. Many people ignored what the Mayan shamans were telling them about their own calendar and they believed that the end was supposed to come on the 21st of December in 2012.  

However, this was a deliberate misinterpretation of the Mayan calendar at the turn of the century by Christendom archaeologists, who tried to force this into the calendar where it does not and never will fit. The actual Mayan shamans who know how to read their own calendar, many who are alive today mostly in Guatemala, tried to tell these early archaeologist explorers about their culture and their calendar that was never about the end of the world or an Armageddon. Since they were ignored, they retreated away from all contact with these and later archaeologists and only recently came forward again to state for the record what the end of their previous calendar meant, for it was replaced with a new calendar headed in a completely unexpected direction.

In actual fact, it was these early archaeologist’s reading of their calendar that was wrong. If what they were being told by these ancient shamans and the shamans live in South America today would not fit into Christendom, then they forced it to fit there and that is a complete diabolical distortion of truth. The Mayans were absolutely right in their surmise. They did not work with belief or theory. They know.

The End of the World

The end of the world, Doomsday, apocalypse—this is a concept found as a common strain in many religions of the world. No matter how drastically different the regions and religions, we always find some mention of a final showdown and the ultimate annihilation: Frasokereti in Zoroastrian, Ragnarok in Norse, Maitreya in Buddhism, Kali Yuga in Hinduism, al-Qiyamah in Islam, Yom Adonai in Jewish, and of course the Armageddon in Christendom. Even the Native Americans believe in the ‘Great Day of Resurrection’ but they do not put it this way and they and understand what is coming quite differently than the world’s religions proclaim it. The Mayan shaman’s understand a deeper meaning than this and they know extraterrestrials exist. It was never about the end of the world but rather a great change in the destiny of planet Earth and its people – a completely unexpected change in past prophesied destiny. The end of the old Mayan calendar was replaced with a new multi-thousand year calendar cycle of events yet to come to pass. They state that the end of their calendar means, “The end of evil as an experiment on Earth.” Early archaeologists could not have comprehended this and their misdirected belief blocked them form hearing it.

The Mayans didn’t agree with or concur with the negative predictions of what countless religions would claim say and they also preceded what we know of as science today. Scientists have for some time now known that every star comes with a lifespan that is in billions of years. As time progresses, our Sun burn up its primary fuel but this only refers to physical matter and not to beings that run genetic bodies..

In stages, our sun will grow brighter than before, and it will become a Red Giant. At this point the sun will be bigger and thus closer to the Earth. Its heat will boil the planet and humans will probably not survive. Once the star has used up all of its core nuclear fuel, it goes supernova—but our Sun is too small to go supernova. It will disintegrate into a Planetary Nebula, which will spread the debris of our Solar system in all directions for millions of years. Eventually, based on current studies of nebula, new stars are born from within the gas clouds and planets develop along with this phenomena.

And so our world will end, in some 5 billion years. And the ancient Mayans, who didn’t even have a rudimentary science book to guide then understand grand cycles of time but this understanding is not and never has been about an Armageddon of any kind. Quite ignorant people working archaeology from and around faith-based systems distorted the Mayan predictions to fit their peers quite limiting concepts of creation. Many of those people put that out into the public to put the fear of God into people to maintain control over their followers, for income purposes and to encourage the destruction of human beings and the planet Earth so they can have an imagined escape from being on Earth with little or no former memory of who or what they were before they found themselves incarnated Earth. Destroying anything for any reason never results in any form of enlightened freedom.

The Return of the Mayan God

According to the ancient Mayan religion, a god once came down from the ‘heavens.’ to teach the Mayans astronomy and architecture. Kukulkan—for this is the name given to him—left the Earth and declared that he would return one day. It was this date that many calculated as being the 21st of December, 2012—but we were only calculating this with reference to the Judaeo-Christian calendar that does not and never will work with the Mayan calendar.

The Classic Mayan Sarcophagus

More evidence is found in a sarcophagus lid discovered at an ancient Mayan site. This lid depicts the Mayan King Pakal seated in a strange fashion, something attached to his nose, and him looking at the stars above. The connections to a spaceship are astonishing: the king’s foot seems to be on a pedal, his nose might be connected to a breathing device, his arms look like they’re controlling something. He’s even tilted backwards, very much like an astronaut does when in a spacecraft. Flames seem to shoot out at the backside of the apparatus. In short, the king is preparing for space travel. A depiction of the lid can be found here.

There’s only one explanation to this: that the King seated himself inside a spaceship which gave his subjects cause to draw an accurate representation.

The Mayan Pyramids

The most obvious piece of evidence is found in the Mayan Pyramids which are built at a bizarre distance from a body of water. In the ancient times, it made no sense to build such massive structures so far from water. The most interesting thing about these pyramids is that their position aligns with Orion—as do the pyramids in Giza. They too align with Orion.

Additionally, the pyramids contain mica in layers which is used for electrical purposes. Modern advanced technology uses mica freely, but why did the Mayans use this substance for their edifices? Not only mica, but mercury has also been found in great quantities at the base of these structures. Mercury is a conductor of electricity.

The Mayans were clearly building great structures visible from the sky that were loaded with conductive materials.  

Discover This Direct Experienced Researcher’s Understanding

R Scott Lemriel is known as the direct experience-based hidden truth revealing researcher, who has made contact with highly advanced kind extraterrestrials or aliens and this is ongoing to this day. His books The Seres Agenda and The Emerald Doorway provide detailed accounts of such experiences in this present lifetime and along a far more ancient past time-track than is known on Earth today.

R. Scott Lemriel has made it perfectly clear that his work is entirely based on his direct experiences with uncovering deliberately hidden or suppressed truth. He has stated that his published books are fictional only to the degree that certain names and locations of several events in recent history on Earth revealed in them were altered a bit to protect the innocent masses of fellow human beings from attempting to explore the exact locations of highly classified areas on Earth. That would only be harmful to people attempting to do this at this time. Full disclosure of deliberately hidden or subconscious suppressed truth will take place after a recently begun unexpected, uplifting worldwide transformation is more formally underway. What is beginning to take place behind the scenes on Earth today is being carried out beyond our planet out among the stars and it cannot be reversed, fortunately for all of us that must still live on this quite backward planet for now or we would have all perished long ago in nuclear war.

“Friends from very far out of town,” as Scott Lemriel often states in reference to advanced kind extraterrestrials, “intervened on many occasions since the end of World War II to stop nuclear war, after one side or another actually pushed the button. They did this without trying to control the world or governments. If we were alone in the universe and they had not intervened all life on Earth would have been extinguished by the subconscious misdirected or fear-ridden actions of former world leaders.”

If you seek to discover or recover hidden truth about who and what you are that is not a physical body and want to know the true reason for your existence in the grand multi-dimensional creation – and you are adventuresome enough to pursue it – obtain copies of his books today. Begin your journey into safely recovering so much that humans on Earth were made to forget without their consent or current awareness before they came to be on Earth.