Why Interstellar Travel Will Be Available Sooner Than You Think

The term ‘moonshot’ is used to describe projects deemed overly ambitious—like the mission to get man on the Moon.

Back in the day the term ‘moonshot’ may have been apt for the space projects taking place at the time but today our ambitions have gone way beyond the moon.

Breakthrough Starshot Initiative

The Breakthrough Startshot Initiative is an ongoing project that hopes to get man (or women) to stars closest to the Earth.

The project was announced in 2016 and is led by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner. The ambitious project is still in its early stages. Milner aims to attach thousands of tiny chips to a ‘lightsail’ and place it in an Earth orbit. Then the craft will be  accelerated by use of a special laser.

The laser will further accelerate the craft until it travels to 1/5th the speed of light.

Over the course of 20 years, the craft will travel to a nearby planet, take digital photographs and collect scientific data. The images will be sent back to Earth and humanity will get a glimpse of what the closest planets have to offer. It is believed that this project will result in us finally learning whether other planets are capable of hosting human or alien life.

The project looks far-fetched but there really are no scientific hurdles that can prevent it from coming into fruition. The project team was backed by Yuri Milner, the late Stephen Hawking and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg. These are non-classified people without direct experience that believe (just theory) that beings from other worlds have not yet made contact with Earth or any of its inhabitants. This is, of course, not true!

The organizers are working hard to make the project a success; they believe at the current rate of advancements that the ‘Starshot’ project can take place within the next 20 years!

Search for Life Beyond Earth

The Breakthrough Startshot Initiative is just one of the many ongoing projects taken up by wealthy non-classified science and Space enthusiasts who want to discover life beyond Earth.

Private organizations and even NASA have been sending messages into outer-space in hope of making contact with extraterrestrials.

Scientists have even narrowed down a number of exoplanets that can be hosts to alien life. These exoplanets seem to have similar atmospheres to that of Earth, meaning they may be able to host life.

Extraterrestrials on Earth

While others are searching for extraterrestrials in Space, many people living on Earth claim to have encounters with extraterrestrials. For centuries now people have been sharing stories of alien and UFO sightings, many of which are compelling. Even the Pentagon and NASA have said that advanced aliens probably do exist.

Direct Experience-based Hidden Truth Revealing Researcher and author R. Scott Lemriel is one of the few enlightened people on the planet that doesn’t just know that extraterrestrials are real but interacts with them regularly and has since early childhood.

At the mere age of 5 and even earlier, Lemriel started having quite enlightening fully conscious out-of-body experiences through which he then began to journey throughout the multiverse. His travels to parallel and higher dimensions revealed to him the hidden truth that human beings never originally evolved on Earth. A far, far more ancient history of Earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the multiverse, and the true nature of being and what we are capable of knowing was uncovered.

Lemriel says that humans were brought to Earth during one scenario or another dating back many, many millions of years but that we were originally brought into creation by the most ancient, very tall human extraterrestrial race known as the Seres—a super advanced benevolent human alien civilization. The Seres are benevolent extraterrestrial beings that have stood aside from direct involvement in the affairs of human beings and other races in the galaxy until for a very long time until very recently. Other benevolent space-faring races have intervened in Earth affairs in the past but only to the point of keeping us from annihilating ourselves through the negative influences of a few tyrant extraterrestrial races. They will do so again in cooperation with the Seres race in the near future but in a new wondrous way never before accomplished—when all life on Earth will discover in ways without doubt that extraterrestrials exist.

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