SETI’s Explanation As To Why We Haven’t Found Aliens

“Where is everybody?”

Famous physicist Enrico Fermi asked himself this question when he was pondering over the existence of alien beings.

In 1950, Fermi suggested that within the next few 10s of millions years or so, an advanced alien civilization should be able to take over the Milky Way. These highly intelligent beings would be able to travel from one solar system to the other and eventually take over the entire galaxy.

Other non-classified scientists also agree that logic and math suggests that we’re not alone in the universe and won’t be in the, which brings us back to Fermi’s question—“Where is everyone?”

Non-classified scientists including Fermi and the ones at the SETI Institute offer the following explanations as to why the majority of human beings on Earth believe we have not discovered extraterrestrials yet or been discovered by them.

Fermi’s Explanations:

Fermi’s calculations convinced him that advanced aliens beings do exist—he just needed to figure out where they were.

Fermi suggested hundreds of theories that could not be proven. His theories included everything from colonization being too expensive to humans not being interesting enough for aliens to investigate them.

A.A. Berezin’s Explanation:

Several years after Fermi’s Paradox was made public, a Russian physicist called A.A. Berezin offered his own explanation to why he believes (only theory) that mankind has yet to make contact with aliens. He suggested that around 13.8 billion years after the Big Bang (also just a theory), that a powerful extraterrestrial civilization developed the ability to travel between the stars. But as the extraterrestrials took over the galaxy, they annihilated all other civilizations—sometimes intentionally and other times by accident.

The non-classified scientist community refutes Berezin’s claims stating that if ancient alien civilizations did exist and if these powerful Galactic races were taking over, wouldn’t there be evidence of it?

In 200 AD, the Roman Empire had colonized much of the land near the Mediterranean. Shouldn’t those people living in the Empire and that were involved in the construction have discovered alien architecture on Earth? Maybe they did but did not recognize or understand it. Also, if alien beings had taken over the galaxy once, what’s stopping them from visiting and doing it again?

Present Day

This brings us to present day. Many people, including Direct Experience-based Hidden Truth Revealing Researcher R. Scott Lemriel, say that non-classified scientists are overlooking the signs that exist on Earth. They have been deliberately kept in the dark regarding what some highly classified scientists know to be true without a doubt about the existence of advanced extraterrestrial life.

Our planet is packed with unsolved mysteries, including the existence of massive mega-structures like the Moai Heads on Easter Island, the Pyramids, Sacsayhuamán, Stonehenge and many more. Non-classified scientists have no explanation as to who built these structures but there is evidence that advanced aliens beings may have been involved.

R. Scott Lemriel’s Perspective

Direct Experience-based Hidden Truth Revealing Researcher and author R. Scott Lemriel says that extraterrestrials do exist and have been interacting with humans for eons. His own adventures with inter-dimensional travel have revealed to him the truth about mostly benevolent and a few malevolent extraterrestrial races that exist out among the stars beyond Earth.

Lemriel states that the few space-faring malevolent extraterrestrials in our galaxy may have ill-intentions toward humans on Earth and elsewhere but more advanced benevolent extraterrestrials have always discretely stepped in to the protect us. In the past, benevolent extraterrestrials have protected humanity from self-annihilation and the diabolical intentions and actions of malevolent extraterrestrials.

Non-classified scientists may still be confused about the existence of aliens, but Lemriel knows the truth from direct experience. He’s one of the few enlightened people on Earth that have extensively explored both out-of-body experiences, inter-dimensional travel, and direct contacts with non-terrestrial beings.

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