Can the Mysterious ‘Oumuamua’ Object Be An Alien Spacecraft?

Last year, a team of scientists and astronomers discovered a strange object tumbling near the sun. It had an incredibly high speed and an unusual trajectory. The way the object accelerated through space made it very different from typical asteroids and comets.

This particular object was unlike anything we’d seen in the past, leaving some to conclude that it may have been an alien spacecraft.

A pair of researchers at the prestigious Harvard University is all set to publish a report in The Astrophysical Journal Letters which explains that the mysterious object, now named ‘Oumuamua’, was sent to study Earth by nearby alien civilizations.

How did the ‘Oumuamua’ Object Get there?

Note that these researchers aren’t openly claiming that the ‘Oumuamua’ was definitely sent by aliens but their mathematical analysis of the space object does imply it.

The researchers state that the spacecraft could have been driven into space by the light reflecting on its surface.  They call it the “lightsail of artificial origin.”

So if the ‘Oumuamua’ was indeed a spacecraft, who sent it and why?

Lightsails and Other Floating Objects

As of yet, the non-classified scientists at Harvard and other such organizations have no way of knowing the true purpose of ‘Oumuamua’.

If the ‘Oumuamua’ is truly a ‘lightsail’, it could have been floating in space and The Milky Way when it just happened to run by our sun and solar system—much like a ship passing by a buoy in the ocean.

Humans have also launched solar-powered ‘lightsails’ into space. The Breakthrough Starshot Initiative involves sending out minuscule laser-powered ‘lightsail’ crafts into star systems closest to the Earth. However, human technology is still in its infancy but if it continues to evolve at an exponential rate (like it currently is) interstellar travel could be possible in the next 20 years! This is the way the non-classified vast majority of humans on Earth think about this.

For many decades now, we’ve been searching for aliens in outer space. But is it possible that aliens are a lot closer than we think? What if we’ve already come across aliens on Earth but have failed to recognize them?

There are many people on Earth that claimed to have had alien encounters. Some have gone as far as saying that they have been abducted by aliens and have been experimented on as well.

Reports of UFO sightings have also increased in the last decade, yet the government has refused to officially acknowledge to the public that extraterrestrial beings have been visiting Earth.

Since the Roswell incident of 1947, people have been skeptical of the government and the military. There have been reports and books written about the government’s covert operations regarding extraterrestrial beings.

Luckily there are people who are working hard every day to disclose these deliberately kept hidden truths from humanity.

Direct Experienced Hidden Truth Revealing Researcher, R. Scott Lemriel

Direct Experience-based Hidden Truth Revealing Researcher and author R. Scott Lemriel has devoted his life to unveiling the deliberately hidden truth behind extraterrestrials and what the true nature of being really is about (not bodies) – what is referred to as ‘Soul’ on Earth and the ‘Atma’ by the most advanced extraterrestrial races.

Lemriel was able to directly experience what is far beyond any cover-up set up by government officials that thought this was good idea after the end of World War II by journeying to the source directly—benevolent extraterrestrials.

At the mere age of 5 years and even before that, Lemriel had fully conscious out-of-body experiences that continue to this day. Since then, he discovered how to work with the pineal gland located in the center of the brain to induce out-of-body journeys in order to travel the multiverse. Along the way while growing up, he met with benevolent extraterrestrials that openly shared with him the hidden truth about the true origins of humanity out among the stars and how this has influenced the way Earth is today in both benevolent and malevolent ways.

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