5 Great Alien Encounter Movies

There’s no denying that humans are fascinated by extraterrestrials. The thought of meeting powerful, superior extraterrestrial beings is exciting.

To further fuel our fascination with aliens, Hollywood always churns out awesome alien encounter movies that take over the box office within the first few days of release.

Are you an alien and UFO enthusiast? Let’s take a look at some must-see alien encounter movies:

1. The Cloverfield Paradox

Netflix released the trailer of the third installment for the Bad Robot series. This installment ties together the previous movies, 2008’s Cloverfield and 2016’s 10 Cloverfield Lane. It gives us hints as to how the extraterrestrial monsters may have landed on Earth, while a team of committed scientists scour the galaxy in search of new sources of energy.

But things never go as planned in movies, do they? The scientists’ mission leads to a full-blown alien invasion. If you haven’t seen the earlier movies, you may want to watch them now so you can see how they all interconnect, if you’re into outer space monster movies.

2. Europa Report


Europa Report is an indie sleeper hit. It may not have been as big a hit as other alien movies but it’s worth a watch. The movie follows 6 astronauts who are sent out into space to explore one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa. The movie takes a turn when the astronauts lose contact with Earth.

You would expect for all of it to go downhill from there but Europa Report isn’t your typical alien encounter movie. It takes a completely different approach to mainstream extraterrestrial thrillers.

3. Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction

In 1995 the world was still obsessing over the mystery of the Roswell incident due to the fact that the military that retrieved evidence of the downed spacecraft first announced they had, in fact, recovered a flying disc shaped ship not from Earth before they subsequently completely retraced their announcement after the incident was highly classified by former President Harry S. Truman through the newly created National Security Act.

The later release of an alien autopsy video stirred the interest of the event up to a considerable degree. The footage supposedly shows government officials examining the body of an alien that was allegedly recovered from Roswell after the infamous incident took place. It was later revealed that the footage was a hoax; it was the remake of a video of a real alien autopsy that had taken place according to the person who produced it

Although there’s no way to confirm if such an autopsy took place because of the incident being classified ‘beyond top secret’, this documentary investigates why the people of the 90s were inclined to believe that the footage was authentic. The documentary is a must-see for everyone who is still mystified by the Roswell incident.

4. Aliens: Zone of Silence

Zone of Silence takes a found-footage route; it’s a horror movie disguised as a documentary, which makes it all the more titillating, well, at least for those of us who for some reason enjoy extraterrestrial horror movies. In this film, a young woman heads to a site in the Mexican desert called Zona Del Silencio, where her brother and his friend went missing. She decides to camp out in the desert but she soon realizes she made a big mistake!

5. Moon


Moon is another captivating thriller that all alien enthusiasts will love. An astronaut named Sam Bell is sent off to the moon on a mission all by himself. As his assignment approaches its end, Sam soon realizes that he’s being replaced with …himself. Sam begins to uncover the hidden truths about the nature of his work as his world unravels.

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