3 Compelling Reasons to Believe In Aliens

For years, those who believed in aliens were considered to be attention seekers. The general consensus was that no matter the proof that was presented, they were instantly thought of as a lunatic who had nothing better to do. This point of view that many people prescribed to was intentionally manipulated worldwide by the media that to this day controlled by a highly classified few people on this Earth.

Then, it finally happened. The public perception of the subject matter changed completely when the New York Times reported that the Pentagon had spent 5 years trying to decipher some mysterious ‘unexplained aerial phenomena‘.

Nowadays, more and more people believe that there are other advanced civilizations on other worlds in the universe. So, if you’re still on the fence on this topic, here are three compelling reasons you should believe in aliens or extraterrestrials.

1. The Chemical Ingredients Are Abundant:

The existence of aliens can be verified using fundamental concepts of non-classified science. Confused? Allow us to elaborate.

As the human body comprises 50 to 65% water (H2O), we can confidently say that the two most abundant chemical elements in the human body are hydrogen and oxygen. After these two elements, comes carbon followed closely behind by nitrogen.

Granted there are other elements like phosphorus and sulfur in the human body, but they’re not nearly as abundant as these four elements. So, in a nutshell, we can say that for intelligent life to exist in the human form, as the non-classified scientists and public at large understand this on Earth today, there must also be hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen present

Coincidentally, these are also the 4 most common elements in the observable universe. Therefore, the same elements that gave birth to humans can – on a planet far, far away – result in the development of intelligent life forms!

2. Nazca Lines – Much More Than Random Crop Circles:

If you find the chemical aspect of things to be lacking, let’s revisit the publication that changed public perception on the subject matter. From the facts that have been made public, we know that there was some mysterious aerial phenomenon involved.

Knowing that, let’s analyze the Nazca Lines. For those of you who don’t know, more than 800 lines were discovered near the city of Nazca, Peru that may not make much sense from ground level, but when viewed from the skies they clearly form a bigger accurate picture.

In particular, 70 different lines depicting animals and birds like spiders, monkeys, and hummingbirds, etc. have been found. Also, there are 300 more lines that make no sense whatsoever and can best be described as geometrical sketches.

What’s even stranger is the fact that the Nazca lines are more than 2000 years old, which means that nobody with a powerful laser scorched them on the surface of the Earth. So, how did these lines get here? How, indeed!

3. Who Built the Pyramids?

Egypt’s best known national monuments, the Pyramids, are perhaps the biggest mystery which simply refuses to be solved, according to non-classified scientists who only have what they are allowed to know to investigate this mystery. Carbon dating has revealed that they were built nearly 4500 years ago but the level of precision involved and the workmanship on display simply isn’t possible for that period of human history.

Although non-classified scientists have estimated that a few hundred thousand Egyptian workers must have worked for decades on the project just to build one pyramid, that’s simply not possible because the population of the entire planet was much lower than that.

Furthermore, each pyramid also lines up with the stars in Orion’s belt and the height of each pyramid depicts how brightly its corresponding star shines in the constellation!

So, how did simple Egyptians with simple tools build these colossal structures?

These are questions that non-classified scientists and the public at large simply cannot answer, no matter what the flawed theory they conjure up may be. The only logical explanation is that advanced alien life forms exist and that they have visited our planet numerous times. It was their involvement in ancient Earth that resulted in the building of the pyramids that Pharaohs later used as burial sanctuaries.

Of course, these words mirror the special demonstrated presentations delivered by direct experience based, hidden truth revealing researcher R. Scott Lemriel, who has always stated that extraterrestrials or aliens exist. He reveals that he has met with and been greatly benefited by the vast majority of benevolent extraterrestrials – many of them human but not from Earth.

He further reveals that there also exists much smaller factions of malevolent or tyrant extraterrestrials who are beginning to undergo a transformation to be set free from the subconscious tyrant programs that have made them behave in a tyrannical manner for far too long. This is all focused directly back to planet Earth and what recently began out among the stars to bring about an entirely unexpected uplifting transformation to all life here.

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